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 Woke up pretty late today since I had a horrible headache all night. I don't know what a normal headache is. All I have ever had were migraines all of my life. I wish I would get a simple headache where a Tylenol is enough to take it away. But instead I have to take Imitrex and at times it doesn't even do anything. I was lucky that it did do something this time, even though I still have a lingering headache. I just hope it doesn't turn into another migraine attack in the middle of the night. I am done with having to get up and drag myself downstairs to get a pill...a pill that has a 50% of actually doing something. Pathetic.
So my boyfriend is finally in New Jersey at the Coast Guard basic training thing. I won't be able to speak to him or see him for a long time. Breaks my heart. And now I am really going to be bored as fuck for two months. I don't really have friends to go out with either, so that really isn't an option. I can hope that all goes well and he'll be here soon. Thankfully, I can be distracted with my nursing practice. I'm going to miss him so much, even if he's a pain in the ass.
I'm not doing much right now. I  don't have class until Thursday and I did all of my assignments last week. So I'm pretty much bored right now. Not in the mood to play any games or do much to be honest. I am listening to the new The Agonist album. It is by far the best album by them. Vicky was a great choice to replace Alissa. She is doing one hell of an amazing job. As a matter of fact, she is beyond better than Alissa, and that is saying a lot. I love Alissa but her ego is the size of the universe. She seems to be such a stuck up person...someone who thinks is a diva and is better than anyone else is definitely somebody you wouldn't like. But yeah, The Agonist now seem like an actual band made of more than one person. Bye bye Alissa. Hello Vicky.


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