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Here's a list of the reviews/overviews that I have up right now over at my reviews blog. Hope you guys find it useful and enjoy them. I am not great at reviews stuff, but I do my best. There's also pictures of stuff in there. Check it out!



I will be adding more overviews & reviews soon. So stop by often to read up!

So Sorry

Jun. 23rd, 2015 12:31 pm
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Terribly sorry for the lack of updates here. Our internet service has been real shit lately. We've been having issues since the 14th of June and these people have the worst customer service now since they switched companies. Hopefully today a technician will come and check the lines (which I doubt). Also, we have no power, yay! The service has been out since 4 pm yesterday and nothing yet. I tried calling them all day yesterday but the call wouldn't get through. I guess they decided to not pick up the phones. They can't be bothered to do much because they hate their job, apparently. It took me an hour in a half to get through to them today. Supposedly they're fixing the problem. I think not. I despise this island and the horrible government we have.

Anyways, about to eat lunch I guess. Not sure what to cook yet. But I have to eat something or else I'm going to feel sick since my glucose levels have been spiking low lately. Doctor said I should eat 6 times a day: 3 meals and 3 snacks. I'm trying but I can't eat if I'm not hungry. Yesterday I had a nutella frozen yogurt and I was sick afterwards. I'm not sure what happened, but I was throwing up most of the afternoon thanks to that. At least I felt a lot better in the evening and was able to do my exercises without a problem.

Yesterday I received my three subscription boxes! I got from Loot Crate, 1Up Box and Kawaii Box. The Loot Crate and 1Up box had great goodies. I wasn't signed up for Loot Crate, however I did win one box from Dlive's charity stream. I don't really like Loot Crate since the stuff that comes in the boxes don't interest me. This box was amazing though. I may consider subscribing sometime later. The only box that was a little disappointing was the Kawaii Box. I don't think it's worth the price for what comes inside. Lots of cute things, but they can be bought elsewhere for cheaper. I did order a second box though and I hope it was just a bad month for them. I hope...I made a reviews blog where I will try to review stuff from now on. I am no expert at writing a beautiful, amazing review but I will give my honest opinion on stuff and put up pictures. You can find my new blog here.

I guess I'll post up pictures from my past 1Up Boxes since I got the stuff together and took some photos of them (by some I mean a lot). This way you guys can get an idea of what awesome goodies come in them each month.

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Here is my review for the June 2015 Loot Crate box. I believe the theme was Cyber. A lot of awesome goodies in this box. When I first subscribed to Loot Crate about a year ago, it wasn't too good so I unsubbed. However, I haven't subscribed again. This  box was actually a gift from Dlive22891 (the YouTuber) during his Charity livestream for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Those who donated to the cause would be entered for a giveaway and I actually won (I never win anything). Anyways, I'm not sure if I will subscribe to this box again. The price for Loot Crate is $19.95/month. By the way, I am terribly sorry for the awful pictures. I took them at night with a not so good camera. However, I will take better ones next time.

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Here is my review for the May Kawaii Box (even though I received it today, I swore it was the June box). This is my first time reviewing anything, so I hope you find this useful. I'm going to be completely honest about this box. It's cute (obviously, kawaii) and the items inside are super adorable and I will probably keep them, although some of them I may give away or sell since I don't really use stationary items. However, this box could be a lot better for the price of $18.90/month. I was a little disappointed, but I will give it another go and signed up for a second box. Hopefully, it will be better. Anyways, here are the stuff inside this little box.

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