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 I received a third letter from my boyfriend today. Apparently, he's doing much worse than before. He keeps getting punished for minor things and was even sent to some motivation program where he was forced to do excessive exercising. I feel pretty bad for him, especially since he is someone who is not used to that type of regime. He's a really shy, quiet and patient person. I'm afraid that by the time he comes back, he will be a different person. Someone scary. Someone angry.
Yesterday was our first day of practice at the hospital. We were assigned a partner and then given a patient whom we had to interview to complete an admission history (basically collecting patient data). We had to do vital stats, a physical examination and ask questions. The professor then dragged me to another patient so I could take out blood for some labs. I was pretty nervous since the last time I took out blood was about 4 years ago. Thankfully, everything went smoothly and the patient had great veins despite being an elderly man. Professor said I did an excellent job. I'm actually happy and cannot wait for next week.
Right now I'm doing some homework which is due for next Friday. It's just writing about the patient's condition (which was acute coronary syndrome). We have to summarize the etiology, signs and symptoms, medical treatment and nursing interventions. Then we have to complete the admission history, a nursing care plan and focus charting (nursing notes). Everything except the nursing notes is easy for me. I still need practice on notes.
Oh, last night our neighbor gave us a chicken! We got a fat hen with 9 baby chicks. Unfortunately, when we let them out today in the yard, my dog ate one of the chicks. I was so upset and disgusted. I know it's animal instinct but oh goodness...the poor babe. He ate the whole damn bird! This dog is something, he acts as if he had never eaten. So I'm still upset by that. The neighbor stopped by and helped us tie the hen in our fenced off garden so she doesn't run off and leave the chicks behind. He also helped us build a cage for them. So yeah, they're sleeping in there tonight. 
I was supposed to do some cleaning around the house, but I had to do my college work. Still working on it. I guess cleaning will have to wait until tomorrow. I have quite a headache, so the rest of this work will probably be finished tomorrow as well.


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