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Today I went out with dad. We bought a few things at the hardware store. He bought me a blender! I'm so happy because I've always wanted one. Now I can make smoothies and stuff. He also got me heavy duty carpets for my SUV so the original ones don't get dirty. After that we got frozen yogurt then came home. I worked out for 30 minutes today since the previous day I had done 60 minutes. I really hope I'm making progress. I feel great about myself (emotionally and mentally). I'll be upset though if my weight hasn't changed much.

I got my laptop back but I doubt I'll be able to play Smite anymore. I need to get a better cooling pad for it. I'll buy it soon. Then when I start working I can get a better PC.

Anyways, nothing much has happened. Washed my hair and now I'm watching Investigation Discovery. They have some shows on Ted Bundy. It may sound weird, but I like stuff about true crimes. Anything to do with psychology or psychiatry are my favorite things. And paranormal subjects as well.
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 I received a letter from my boyfriend today. He's doing worse than I thought. Apparently he passed his midterms but because he forgot to flip a cup in the cafeteria, he is now on probation. I suppose it's because he's had a lot of warnings and punishments. Today they were going to let him know if they're going to revert him (restart the training or send him back). He is also going into some motivational program for 5 days (this would be the third time he's been there). I don't know what to think about this anymore. He is obviously doing horribly. I knew this wasn't for him. I called his mom to tell her about it and she said the same thing. Hopefully he'll pass everything and just come back. I'm also hoping he doesn't turn into an aggressive asshole.
I passed by my eye doctor today. I asked them to give me a sample pair of contact lenses. The Air Optix just isn't doing it for me. I prefer my Acuvue Oaysis lenses which were more comfortable. So I got a pair of those to make sure that the discomfort I feel in my eyes is either the lenses or because of a side effect from the birth control pills. I'm sure it's the lenses though. So I'll buy the Acuvue instead, same price.
I tried to play Rift tonight but it kept kicking me from the game. Not sure why. It was also kind of lagging on me. Sucks. I miss my laptop. Hopefully I will get it fixed soon because this one my boyfriend left me is crappy...Sony, heh. 
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 Well, I finished another part for my patient case study. So far I have done the list of medications with the information and the labs which took me 3 days. There were over 50 labs I had to write about. Tomorrow I'll work on the easier part which is the information about the medical diagnose. It's about CVA (stroke). Kind of chokes me up since mom suffered two of those and well...*sighs* I hate walking into the hospital because it reminds me of her. It was where she passed away, so it's hard for me to even go there. 
I played some more Rift today. Got to level 20 on a battle cleric (druid/shaman/inquisitor). It's getting a little slow to level up but luckily there's plenty to do in that game. Especially the Rift events which give stuff...I also like searching for artifacts to collect. Wish there was a way to tell where they're located at. I did find a lot of them. Like 4 in one spot. So that was awesome. Wish I had somebody to play with though...
Saw a movie today on Amazon Prime called The Ouija Experiment. It was the most horrible movie ever. It's "found footage" with terrible acting. It had a decent storyline but the bad acting ruined it. It would have had potential if the acting was a little better. One of the actresses was just annoying and yeah. It was just a dumb movie. More comedy than horror to be honest.
Maybe I'll finish watching Death Note tonight. Or just listen to music. Or read. By the way, I cannot finish Prince Lestat for the life of me. It just got ridiculous with all of the Apple product promoting and the dragging on of weird storylines. I'll finish it eventually just like Blackwood Farm which took me ages to read.
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 I am so pissed off with my professor. I contacted her via email on Saturday to inform her that I haven't been able to go to class because I am very ill. She still has not replied. So today I contacted  the director of the nursing department to let her know that my professor has not communicated with me and I need to speak to her urgently. I do not intend to fail my class because of this idiot who is being negligent. I am being responsible and excusing myself. I sent them an attachment of my medical excuse from the hospital and prescription. It clearly says that I cannot assist the nursing practice until I am better, unless I want to go around compromising the patients health. Which I do not want to do, mind you. Tomorrow I will go to the university and speak to the director personally. I also need to enroll in my last class. So much shit to do and feeling like hell. God damn it, nothing ever goes well, does it?
Today I didn't do much. They were cutting the grass around where we live so of course I felt worse because of my allergies. I was so choked up and literally dying. I hate when they cut the grass. I always feel crappy afterwards. I also played Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles. It's a hidden-object game but it was so good and addicting. I almost got all of the achievements, just missing 4/38. So during the week I will replay it since it has to be done on hard mode. Can't wait. First time completing a full game like that. Really enjoyed it and recommend it, if you like hidden-object and puzzle games.
Now I'm watching YouTube videos because I am not tired. Just stressed out and frustrated. My throat feels horrible as well. I also did some drawings today. I drew Entoan as a kitty because he's so adorable and he makes me smile. I uh, 10/10 would bang that guy. Yep. Would love that in my bed every minute of the yeah, lovely fantasies, right? I don't think it's a bad thing. Having fantasies is okay in my opinion. Damn it, it's not like I'm ever going to meet the guy and actually sleep with him or marry him. But wishful thinking, heh? Sex on on legs. I have a thing for guys with long hair and piercings. Fuck my life.
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