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Today was my graduation from UMET but I didn't go. It was at 8 am in San Juan. We had to be there at around 7:30 am which would be impossible...So instead dad took me to Sizzler's for dinner. We had the buffet plus ordered a side dish of shrimps. They were pretty good. I wish they had a wider variety in the buffet though. They always have the same menu, which gets boring. But we had a good time and we couldn't even breathe or move afterwards. I didn't really eat much to be honest. However, I had 2 large glasses of iced tea which is fine, I've been drinking plenty of water, no juice and definitely no soda. After I got home, I waited 2 hours and did 40 minutes of exercise. Feeling great.

Yesterday I got to hang out with Allison. We went to the movies to watch Insidious Chapter 3. It was a cool movie with plenty of jump scares and disturbing images. I never watched Insidious Chapter 2, so I have to see that one soon. I really want to go see Jurassic World. I hope it's a good one. Also can't wait to see Sinister 2. Now that movie is amazing.
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 Thankfully, last night I was able to rest well. I did wake up early but stayed in bed because of laziness. When I finally decided to get up, it was about 12  pm. I had some Pillsbury pancakes then took a cold shower, which didn't really help much. It's been so hot and humid these days. Even now that it's 10 pm it's hot and I'm just all sweaty. I wish I could stay in the shower.
I did 40 minutes of exercise today on the treadmill. Plus I did 40 situps since they seem to be helping. Also lifted some weights for arm toning. I felt great afterwards even though I did feel kind of tired today. Could be the weather and just because Sundays are boring in general.
Haven't done much today. I did paint my nails purple tonight. I also filed them down since they were too long. I'll go to bed soon...not really tired but I want to get some rest.


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