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 I am bored. I have spent the whole weekend stuck at home, doing nothing just homework and fixing my binder for class. The life of a nursing student is the most boring and stressful thing ever. I am constantly studying and doing work just to keep ahead. I have lost interest in video games and reading. I'm not sleeping properly, I can tell by the way my body feels every morning. Today is a day where I would love to be sleeping instead of having to go to class. I now take a new class on Mondays and Wednesdays, with clinical practice on Fridays. But soon I will finish and it will be worth it.
I'm not sure if I want to stay for class today or just go on Wednesday. I mean, it's the first day and they don't really do much on first days. But I have to go to the university to get some copies and let my clinical practice partner get copies of the assignment...I did this on my own I don't even know why. I guess I was just so bored and didn't have anything else to do. Next one I'll let her help me out. I could always take care of that and come back home. I am too tired to stay listening to rubbish tonight. The class is from 4:30 - 7:30 pm. I really don't feel like being there and having to drive home at that hour. I have fallen asleep before while driving and I'm afraid tonight I may do the same and get myself killed.
Did I mention that my right arm feels like it's about to fall off? Because it is. I have written so much these past days that my arm hurts. I hate the way I have to put so much pressure to write...bad habits. That's why I prefer using ink pens, but oh well. I'm also broke. I need money. Haven't sold a damn thing on EBay in months. What else can I possibly do to get some money? I can't work as a nurse because I don't have a provisional license at the moment...I really need to get my act together and study for that dumb test, this way I can finally get a job and get money coming in. Of course, I don't want to spend it on stupid crap. I will put it in the bank, buy some stuff I would need and help dad with the bills...and some stuff around the house. He has done a lot for me all these years, it's time to give back.
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 I have been extremely stressed out with classes. It's not really the class itself, but more like the university because they are the most unorganized institution I have ever studied in. I am not planning to go to the graduation, yet got stuck paying $85 because according to them "I am paying for my diploma." What the hell is that answer anyways? They couldn't even explain in details why I had to pay it. 
Now, there is this nursing ceremony called "capping (initiation)" and the director of the department is like "You don't have to pay for the ceremony, however here are the prices for the uniform kit you need." I look at the paper she gives us and the kit is $135 wonder they didn't bother to charge the ceremony. Needless to say, I will not be attending that ceremony either. I am not in a financial position to spend that much money on another uniform that will be stuck in my closet for years to come. No. Fuck that.
This university is a joke. I will NEVER attend any of the universities that have to do with the Ana G. Mendez system. Ever. They are unorganized and a bunch of thieves. They can't even hide that fact. I regret not doing my Bachelor's at Unitec like I had done with my Associate's. At least I fucking learned stuff and they paid for my uniforms...
So many things I can rant about this place...really. Like the fact that our professor was supposed to evaluate us in lab on Tuesday for washing our hands and venipuncture procedure. But no, she was instead talking to the students and had another student watch us do it and tell her how we did. What the fucking hell is that?! In Unitec my professors were on top of us during these evaluation we actually knew if we did it right or wrong, needed more practice, what could we fix...but yeah, I guess that's how it's done here....
I can't wait until I graduate in June. I want out.


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