Mar. 17th, 2015

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 I am so pissed off with my professor. I contacted her via email on Saturday to inform her that I haven't been able to go to class because I am very ill. She still has not replied. So today I contacted  the director of the nursing department to let her know that my professor has not communicated with me and I need to speak to her urgently. I do not intend to fail my class because of this idiot who is being negligent. I am being responsible and excusing myself. I sent them an attachment of my medical excuse from the hospital and prescription. It clearly says that I cannot assist the nursing practice until I am better, unless I want to go around compromising the patients health. Which I do not want to do, mind you. Tomorrow I will go to the university and speak to the director personally. I also need to enroll in my last class. So much shit to do and feeling like hell. God damn it, nothing ever goes well, does it?
Today I didn't do much. They were cutting the grass around where we live so of course I felt worse because of my allergies. I was so choked up and literally dying. I hate when they cut the grass. I always feel crappy afterwards. I also played Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles. It's a hidden-object game but it was so good and addicting. I almost got all of the achievements, just missing 4/38. So during the week I will replay it since it has to be done on hard mode. Can't wait. First time completing a full game like that. Really enjoyed it and recommend it, if you like hidden-object and puzzle games.
Now I'm watching YouTube videos because I am not tired. Just stressed out and frustrated. My throat feels horrible as well. I also did some drawings today. I drew Entoan as a kitty because he's so adorable and he makes me smile. I uh, 10/10 would bang that guy. Yep. Would love that in my bed every minute of the yeah, lovely fantasies, right? I don't think it's a bad thing. Having fantasies is okay in my opinion. Damn it, it's not like I'm ever going to meet the guy and actually sleep with him or marry him. But wishful thinking, heh? Sex on on legs. I have a thing for guys with long hair and piercings. Fuck my life.


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